UNTAETUnited Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor
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coerced, paved the way for the INTERFET and UNTAET missions described
In this regard, while accepting that East Timorese civil society indeed presented a critical voice toward UNTAET and thereby constituted a sense of wider discursive voice and accountability, we introduce two points of caution.
224) It explicitly stressed "the need for UNTAET to consult and cooperate closely with the East Timorese people" (225) and requested that UNTAET "cooperate closely" with both the multinational peacekeeping force already deployed in East Timor and "humanitarian and human rights organizations.
Just six months before the end of the mission, as independence was looming, UNTAET prioritized training the Timorese and setting up systems for essential government functions that could endure after independence.
Another merit of UNTAET is that it paid greater tribute to the
According to Hight, in early 2000, UNTAET compiled a register of East Timor nationals who said they had worked in the prisons.
Participants at ''UNTAET: Debriefing and Lessons,'' will also aim to draw from the experiences of UNTAET, and discussions at the closed-door meeting will be compiled into a report to be submitted to the U.
Of course the post-15 July situation will formally be no less democratic than it has been since day one of UNTAET, for effective power has always been in the hands of the Secretary General's Special Representative.
October 1999 entrusted UNTAET with a range of governance functions that
At an UNTAET press briefing, CIVPOL spokesman Luis Carrilho is asked about the contraband flooding Dili's streets.
But final signing will have to wait for an elected East Timorese government to be formed, UNTAET officials said.
Right now we have four [East Timorese] ministers out of a cabinet of eight in UNTAET.