UNTHSCUniversity of North Texas Health Science Center
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A total of 903 ticks, representing 11 tick species, were submitted to UNTHSC from 138 of 254 Texas counties.
The study, conducted by the Texas Prevention Institute, NorTex and the UNTHSC Departments of Family Medicine and Pediatrics, was funded by a UNTHSC intramural grant.
Tarrant County and area hospitals would benefit from access to a concentration of well-trained health care professionals who can address the current chronic physician shortage," said UNTHSC President Michael R.
Through the mobile unit and other initiatives, UNTHSC hopes to improve the quality of care and overall health of children in Tarrant County, 75,000 of whom are uninsured.
Williams was appointed by Texas Governor Rick Perry in 2011 to the UNT System Board of Regents, a position he resigned to accept the appointment as Interim President of UNTHSC.
The four-year, $1 million grant funds the new NEXT STEPS Program that will employ three major innovations under the direction of Reynolds Fellow Janice Knebl, DO, Dallas Southwest Osteopathic Physicians Endowed Chair in Clinical Geriatrics, and Professor of Internal Medicine at UNTHSC, to provide better team care for older adults:
This study, conducted at UNTHSC used osteopathic manual treatment (OMT) and ultrasound therapy to treat chronic low back pain in 455 adults.
The Libyan scientists will be trained at the Center for Human Identification at UNTHSC in Fort Worth, Texas, under the direction and supervision of world-renowned forensic scientist Arthur Eisenberg, Ph.
The number and caliber of the UNTHSC Executives in Residence makes the program unique as most incubators do not have dedicated health care executives on staff.
Ransom had served as president of the UNTHSC since 2006.
As we review our fiscal 2012 results, you'll be pleased to know that UNTHSC continues to build momentum in each of our academic, research, patient care, and community engagement missions, while also fulfilling the promise we make to those we serve: "Solutions for a Healthier Community.
Bruce Budowle, Executive Director of the Institute of Applied Genetics at UNTHSC, said: "Our results indicate that DNA testing can be enhanced by treating forensic samples that contain inhibitory compounds with PCT.