UNTMIHUnited Nations Transition Mission In Haiti
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UNTMIH Agosto- UNTMIH, establecida para entrenar a los noviembre de cuerpos especiales de seguridad de la policia 1997 nacional, destinados a cubrir los edificios estrategicos de las instituciones y autoridades de Haiti.
Two Different Businesses Major Theater Wars Small-Scale Contingencies Vital Interests Interests and Responsibilities Power Projection Not Necessarily Highly Destructive Restrained or Constructive Independent (must do) Multilateral (should do) Joint Operations Combined and Civil-Military Operations Clear Missions Ambiguous Missions UN Civilian Police Contingents in the Americas Authorized personnel Actual personnel (peak) ONUSAL 631 314 (El Salvador) July 1991 to April 1995 UNMH 300 870 (Haiti) September 1993 to June 1996 UNSMIH 300 300 (Haiti) July 1996 to July 1997 MINUGUA 43 43 (Nicaragua) January 1997 to March 1998 UNTMIH 300 300 (Nicaragua) July 1997 to November 1997 Note: Table made from bar graph.
UNAMIR (Rwanda): $4,257,231; UNTMIH (Haiti): $4,604,632; MIPONUH