UNTSOUnited Nations Truce Supervision Organization
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UNTSO was established in 1948 after Security Council Resolution 50 called for a cessation of hostilities in Palestine.
UNTSO military observers in the Middle East monitor ceasefires, supervise armistice agreements, prevent isolated incidents from escalating and assist other peacekeeping operations in the region to fulfill their mandates.
TABLEAU 1 Effectifs du Chili aux missions de maintien de la paix de l'ONU 2000-2007 2004 2005 MINUSTAH 6 542 UNMIK 1 observateur -- UNMOGIP 2 observateurs 2 observateurs UNTAET -- -- UNTSO 4 observateurs 3 observateurs Total missions 4 3 effecfifs 6 542 7 observateurs 5 observateurs 2000 2001 MINUSTAH -- -- UNMIK -- -- UNMOGIP 4 observateurs 5 observateurs UNT.
Regardless, the rest of the book is excellent, especially the moving essay on "Rocky" Versace, the UNTSO essay, the two essays on integrity, and the essay on Operation ELDORADO CANYON.
Reports from the UNTSO had shown that the aim of the Israeli project was to "lower the water level of Lake Huleh and to dry the marshes north thereto," in order to prevent the level of the lake from rising to 1 to 2 meters in the winter and flooding the area to the north.
Why would they assume that within the defence department and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade there was not a world-weary and very deep understanding, honed over almost 60 years of peacekeeping service with UNTSO in the Middle East, and half that time on the Golan Heights, through more than 60 troop rotations in Cyprus, and more than a decade of peacekeeping in the Balkans, that we were in Afghanistan for the long haul?
UNTSO (UN Truce Supervision Organization) 4 military observers
en sentido amplio--la operacion de observadores militares desarmados UNTSO, desplegada en Palestina desde 1948--, y aun estricto--UNEFI fue la primera operacion armada de Naciones Unidas, desplegada en Egipto desde 1956 hasta 1967--,
According to the reports of the chief of staff of UNTSO on the Work of the Mixed Armistice Commissions,
The unarmed observers of UNTSO continue their mission in the Middle East today.
Israel in particular, probably because of its experiences with UNEF I and UINIFIL, has never favored UN or UNTSO supervision of the Sinai security arrangements and is likely to veto any such suggestion.