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UNYTEUnion of New York Tenants
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Sametime Unyte is now available in nine different languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Brazilian Portuguese, as well as English.
Unyte was introduced on 15 February 2006, enabling business and consumer users to share applications, documents or desktops securely, demonstrate software, give presentations and conduct meetings via a web browser.
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With the upgrade, Unyte Meeting's audiocasting capability now has a higher compression rate to provide better quality audio sessions for the user, while at the same time decreasing the demand for bandwidth.
The new version of Unyte features enhanced picture quality and quicker image transition times between host and viewer monitors.
We're eager to get users' reactions to the latest version of Unyte," said WebDialogs CEO Lou Guercia.
As a registered user, participants can sample Unyte Meeting's unified voice, video and Web conferencing capabilities without charge for up to 1,500 minutes or until April 25 -- whichever comes first.
WebDialogs' new Unyte Meeting stands out among conferencing services for its ease and flexibility of use, all-in-one convenience and committed customer support, enabling conferees to work better, faster and smarter without the hassles of more complicated conferencing systems.
Under the Unyte Conferencing umbrella, WebDialogs will further develop its suite of integrated voice, video and Web conferencing and event-management tools.
With one click, Unyte Lyte users can invite contacts from their Yahoo
Together with its partners it has been working on a range of new business productivity tools, called Extras: these include the Convenos web conference and collaboration service, a package called Unyte which enables users to share the view off their PC desktop and a Skype-enabled call-centre offering from ACD.