UOCAVAUniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (42 USC 1973ff et seq. 1986)
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Because of the time required to mail ballots to and from other countries, a growing number of states have also implemented programs to allow overseas voters (known as UOCAVA voters for the 1986 Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act) to receive blank ballots online and sometimes to mark them electronically before printing and returning them by mail.
and vice presidential elections, (237) and UOCAVA forces states to
The strategic plan for 2008 and 2009 contained four general goals, including encouraging adoption of FVAP legislative initiatives in order to facilitate UOCAVA voting and improving marketing and outreach efforts.
Similarly, a 2001 amendment to UOCAVA includes the following
For example, the deadline for registering as a UOCAVA voter ranges from thirty days prior to an election in twenty-one states to absolutely no registration requirement in fifteen states.
For instance, when Republicans bring cases involving UOCAVA, the result of such cases is likely to be a direct increase in Republican voters because Republicans already safely "own" military voters.
Under UOCAVA, for example, this might entail a state's taking control over the task of transmitting absentee ballots to military and overseas voters.
The court also concluded that the UOCAVA would pass constitutional muster.
In the 111th Congress, a major overhaul of UOCAVA was completed when the President signed the National Defense Authorization Act for FY2010 (P.
The National Defense Authorization Act for 2010 made numerous am endments to UOCAVA and also amended HAVA to authorize appropriations to achieve compliance on the new military and overseas voting requirements.
amends UOCAVA to require each state to designate a single office to provide information to all absent uniformed services voters and overseas voters who wish to register in the state;
Several bills to amend UOCAVA have been introduced in the 110th Congress.