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UoDUniverse of Discourse
UODUniform of the Day
UODUltimate Oxygen Demand
UODUnit Of Delivery
UODUnless Otherwise Directed
UODUser-Oriented Design
UODUnsecured Overdraft (banking)
UODUnexploded Ordnance Disposal
UODUnit of Destruction (gaming clan)
UoDUniversity of Durham (UK)
UODUser-Owned Device
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Contact point(s): Giunta Regionale della Campania Direzione Generale per le Risorse Strumentali UOD 06 Centrale Acquisti e Stazione Unica Appaltante
The new Broadcom(R) UOD platform has an advanced feature set and a flexible optical disc software stack that is compliant with both Blu-ray and HD DVD specifications, providing LG Electronics and other Broadcom customers with a complete hardware and software platform for the design and development of universal DVD players that support both disc formats.
Broadcom's innovative UOD platform enables OEMs to deliver the user experience that consumers are looking for.