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UOEUniversity of Exeter (UK)
UOEUdp Offload Engine
UOEUniversity of Edinburgh (Scotland)
UOEUnit of Expertise (UK)
UOEUnit of Entitlement (Australia)
UOEUnit of Employment
UOEUniversal Office Equipment (UK) Ltd
UOEU-Ing, O-Ing and Expanding (pipe industry)
UOEUnited Online Entertainment
UOEUNESCO (UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)/OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development)/EUROSTAT (Statistical Office of the European Communities)
UOEUser Order Entry
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The VC was of the opinion that faculty training has a vital role to improve the capacity of the teachers and UOE would contribute in this field to boost the higher education sector upto the international standards.
4 mm outside diameter (OD) SAWL pipe delivered by Tata Steel and secondly the thickness was originally outwith the capacity of the 42-inches UOE mill until this project.
UOE Ikeanyi et al (18) reported that prolong duration of hospital stay greater than 13 days was associated with 21% infection rate.
Among the four factors (see Table 1), according to Cohen's (1988) rule of thumb, the relationship between UOE and CDMSE (r = .
8226; Voith Hydro Ocean Energy Technologies, BAUER Renewables, UoE and Mojo Maritime (monopile subsea drilling)
With its 10 campuses across the province of Punjab, UoE holds out opportunities for quality higher education to the youth of remotest parts of the province.
e] is Langmuir frequency and uoe the electron cyclotron frequency, respectively.
O tubo API 5L X80 foi conformado pelo processo UOE a partir de chapas de aco produzidas nacionalmente por laminacao controlada sem resfriamento acelerado.
According to the company, the new ZTE UOE network solution comprises an open module service capability and service development environment.
Some UOE staff were sent to British universities to acquire more competence in English language teaching at the post graduate levels.
368) ln(M/K) x Enterprise type dummy variables ln(M/K) x SOE ln(M/K) x SHE ln(M/K x PE ln(M/K) x JV ln(M/K) x UCOE Ln(MIK) x UCE ln Ln(MIK) x UOE ln(M/K) x Time dummy variables Ln(M/K) x 1992 Ln(M/K) x 1993 Ln(MIK) x 1994 Ln(MIK) x 1995 Ln(M/K) x 1996 ln(M/K) x 1997 Hausman-Wu test (d) 66.