UOFUse of Force (various organizations)
UOFUnidentified Open Reading Frame
UOFUniform Office Format (Chinese computing standard)
UOFUkrainian Outsourcing Forum (annual conference)
UOFUser Operations Facility (US NASA)
UOFUnion des Océanographes de France (French: Union of French Oceanographers)
UOFUnion Ornithologique de France (French: Onrithology Union of France)
UOFUnit of Functionality
UOFUniversity of Fairfax (Vienna, VA)
UOFUnion of Friends (online gaming clan)
UOFUtilization Outfitting
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42) The UOF had a charter from the AFL and more than 250 affiliated workers.
The general secretary of the UOF was a mid-level FLT labor leader by the name of Leonardo Pacheco.
6) UOF tanisi Parks'in 3 basamak testi esas alinarak kondu ve Knapp klasifikasyonuna gore siniflandirildi.
sinif tek tarafli UOF olarak belirlenen 52 olguya, tek tarafli AOAT cerrahisi uygulandi.
Looking over your shoulder, scurrying at every phone call from internal affairs or from the Captains office wondering if that is the day PSB comes after you for the suspects you struck when they were cuffed months/years ago or that $500 you pocketed from the narcotics dealer, or when the other guys on your watch beat a transient nearly to death and you never reported the UOF to the supervisor.
You prefer the South bureau because a use of force/deadly force is likely and the individual you use UOF on will likely not report it.
Akkiz UOF olgulari bulgularin baslangicindan cerrahi tedavi uygulanana kadar en az 6 ay sure ile izlendi.
UOF nedeniyle iki operasyon planlanan olgular disinda ikinci bir operasyon uygulanan 5 hastadan (n=5) daha once kontralateral alt rektus geriletilmesi uygulanmis ucune ipsilateral goz ust rektusa 4-5 mm geriletme, daha once biri AOM digeri UOK ameliyati gecirmis iki olguya ikinci bir ameliyat olarak kontralateral goz alt rektusa 35 mm geriletme yapildi.
They are poised to unveil the Universe of Faith to markets that represent over $10 Billion of buying power giving UOF the keys to outperform any other application of its kind.
UOF provides that and we are committed to its success.
EARI has joined forces with Davis and his Legacy Group Global team, for creative direction on UOF and to develop high intensity advertising and marketing campaigns.
A UOF spokesman said: "The financial position is not down to lack of support from fans.