UOFTUniversity of Toronto
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UofT Professor and co-author Jordan Peterson said: "People's values are deeply embedded in their biology and genetic heritage.
The book is edited and also features contributions by three leading UofT thinkers who are tackling innovation in the global south from three different academic perspectives.
Michael Albano, Resident Stage Director at the Opera Division of UofT, introduced the artists, who were accompanied by Andrea Grant.
Conductor Sandra Horst and the UofT Orchestra were a bit slow in tempi, but lovingly detailed Ravel's impressionistic orchestration, sometimes perhaps to a fault.
Fred Perruzza is clever at cannibalizing former UofT sets to create new ones, in this case, the sunny exterior of a Mediterranean villa.
As co-music directors, they led the large UofT student orchestra and chorus and their young cast members in a spirited rendering of Handel's score.
Since I left UofT, I've been earning money, had great coaching and learned a lot," says Latham.
Musically, the production was uneven, with the UofT orchestra eclipsing the singers most of the time.
Even though the University of Toronto Opera School and the UofT Orchestra, under conductor Stephen Ralls, did a very, very good job in interpreting the score, the problem is Britten himself.
However, the new technology, developed by UofT Electrical and Computer Engineering associate professor Parham Aarabi, enables ads to be resized automatically to conform to any web space.
The interior is filled with natural light, fresh air, and spectacular views of the historic UofT campus, which was founded in 1827.
Jim returned to Canada to be head coach in the Opera Division at UofT in 1971, where he became Music Director in 1976 on the retirement of Ernesto Barbini.