UOHIUniversity of Ottawa Heart Institute
UOHIUrrutiko Oinarrizko Hezkuntzako Ikastetxea (Basque: Distance Basic Education School)
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Over the next three years, researchers at UOHI will use the array to screen the DNA of more than 12,000 individuals to not only confirm their previous findings, but also to identify new associations that provide scientists with a better understanding of how to identify and develop personalized treatments for the causes of CAD.
In May 2007, scientists at UOHI used Affymetrix microarray technology to identify a DNA sequence that is associated with increased susceptibility to heart disease, by as much as 40 percent, regardless of other established risks such as cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes.
Roberts and his team at UOHI have made a number of groundbreaking discoveries that may soon lead to more effective, personalized treatments aimed at preventing heart disease," said Kevin King, president of Affymetrix.