UoUUniversity of Utah
UoUUttarakhand Open University (Uttarakhand, India)
UoUUniversity of Ulster (UK)
UoUUnit of Use (pharmacology)
UoUUniversal Oneness United (Burlington, Ontario, Canada)
UoUUnion of Uranus (band)
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The UOU system, which is used for most prescription fills in Europe, generally relies on blister packs with predetermined numbers of pills (such as seven, 14 and 30), which presents two distinct problems that add cost to the distribution system, Paparone says.
The second complicating factor associated with the UOU system is the variety of languages used in Europe, because the prescription labeling and/or instructions must be in the consumer's native language.
Other advantages of the P&C system over blister packs that Paparone cites concern packaging costs, handling costs, space requirements for inventory, supply chain management (ordering, invoicing and paying), tracking of lot numbers and expiration dates, environmental issues (P&C bottles and vials are recyclable; UOU packs generally contain a mixture of materials that are difficult to separate and recycle), and patient safety.