UPCNUniversity of the Philippines College of Nursing (Philippines)
UPCNUniting Protestant Churches in the Netherlands
UPCNUniversity of Pennsylvania Cancer Network (community hospitals throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey)
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Candover's investment will allow UPCN to finance the
An amendment was immediately brought to the floor, including a proposal to stick to the name UPCN.
The church order committee therefore proposed that the rules for "objections and disputes" developed for the UPCN be introduced into the RCN church order.
Discussions were originally postponed until January 1996 when it was to be clear how people in the three churches had reacted to the draft church order of the UPCN as such.
But in the draft church order the Lutherans see enough continuity with the Lutheran tradition to guarantee the continuation of existing Lutheran congregations, and with their own spirituality within the UPCN.
This decision brought forward the date by which the draft church order for the UPCN must be ready.
They were opposed to a future situation in which their property will belong to the UPCN.
Between September and November 1996, almost two hundred NRC, RCN and Lutheran synod members studied a large package of ordinances that go with the draft church order of the UPCN.
KATHMANDU, April 24 -- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged the United Nations to give the government all necessary aid to rehabilitate some 3,000 demobilised children who fought with the former rebel UPCN (Maoist) army in the country's decade-long civil war.
The UN, Nepal governmetn and the UPCN (Maoist) had agreed upon the discharge of disqualified minor combatants, and signed the Action Plan on Dec.