UPCOUniversidad Pontificia de Comillas (Catholic university; Madrid, Spain)
UPCOUtila Power Company (Utila, Honduras)
UPCOUnited Pharmacal Co.
UPCOUniversal Propulsion Company, Inc.
UPCOUnder Pressure Cut Off (valve)
UPCOUnilateral Posterior Semicircular Canal Occlusion (biomedical sciences)
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For UPCO, necessity truly was the mother of transformation.
Six years ago, when Ridenour took the company reins, UPCO competed on price at the commodity end of the market.
Ridenour developed his roadmap for remaking UPCO from Jim Collins' book of the same title.
What UPCO needed was a system that would allow a customer to place an order for 20 loads of product, but release it in mixed bundles here and there, or to very quickly turn around orders for small batches.
Having a more responsive ERP system also allowed UPCO to change the way it orders raw material.
As UPCO executives mapped out its processes, one of the things they discovered were extraneous lift truck moves.
To improve the material flow, UPCO installed a conveyor system to automate some longer moves that were previously performed by lift trucks.
While UPCO's competitors may outsource some work off-shore, UPCO found it could improve operations by outsourcing the production of some components to a machine shop in Tulsa.
Postdoctorado en Ingenieria Dirigida por Modelos, Universite du Maine, Francia; Doctora en Tecnologias de la Informacion, Universitat de Girona, Espana; Especialista Universitaria en Tecnicas de Investigacion, UPCO, Madrid; DEA en Ingenieria Telematica UPM Madrid; Ingeniera de Sistemas UIS.
In addition to the monetary relief for Summers, the consent decree resolving the case requires UPCO to adopt policies that prohibit the unlawful use of employees' and applicants' medical information and to train its employees regarding the ADA.
According to its website, UPCO is the second largest company in the world for the production of sucker rods for the oil and gas industry.