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UPCSUniversity Park Campus School (Clark University; Worcester, MA)
UPCSUniform Physical Condition Standards (housing)
UPCSUnlawful Possession of A Controlled Substance
UPCSUniversity Program in Cultural Studies (University of North Carolina)
UPCSUnlicensed Personal Communication System (also abbreviated U-PCS)
UPCSUnited Presbyterian Church of Scotland
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The solution at UPCS, she said, was longer days and extra tutoring.
Students are coming on strong at UPCS and at a number of our schools, and as a school system we need to identify and share the best practices that are contributing to high student achievement," she said.
The UPCS student body is 40 percent Hispanic, 18 percent Asian, 9 percent black and 32 percent white.
As it now stands, the University Park Campus School is one of the best urban schools in the country, and primarily because Clark University collaborates with the school, sharing its resources and the expertise and skills of its faculty and students with UPCS students and staff.
This specification describes UPCS (Uniform Physical Condition Standards) Painting Services required by the Orlando Housing Authority.
UPCS Interior Painting of Vacant Apartments Units for the Orlando Housing Authority to make ready for upcoming tenancy estimated to be approximately 100 units per unit - apartments sizes vary from 0 bedrooms to 6 bedrooms.