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UPDMUniversal Pattern Decomposition Method (nature information science)
UPDMUniversità Popolare Della Multimedialità (Italian: People's University of Multimedia)
UPDMUnpressurized Docking Mast
UPDMUnified Profile for DoDAF (Department of Defense Architecture Framework) and MODAF (Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework)
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It provides comprehensive support for UPDM including both DoDAF and MODAF, which addresses the visual modeling needs of the global defense community by providing support for all seven UPDM viewpoints and a standardized means to describe both DoDAF and MODAF architectures which delivers enormous benefits for developers of military systems in terms of design consistency, quality and efficiency, improved tool interoperability and cost savings.
MagicDraw provides strong BPMN, UML, SysML, UPDM, DoDAF, MODAF and SoaML modeling support with simulations using activity execution (OMG UML standard), State Diagram (WC3 SCXML), and full SysML bidirectional parametric execution.
UML 2 is the Gateway to Architecture, providing mandatory baseline knowledge for doing other types of modeling, like SysML, UPDM, BPMN and others.