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UPEUniversal Primary Education
UPEUpsilon Pi Epsilon (International Computer Science Honor Society)
UPEUnpaid Present Entitlement (financial distribution)
UPEUnreimbursed Partnership Expenses
UPEUser Plane Entity (3GPP)
UPEUniversal Plasticx Exchange
UPEUltrasonic Pulse-Echo (for evaluating concrete)
UPEUniversiteit van Port Elizabeth (University of Port Elizabeth)
UPEUser-Facing Provider Edge (network connection device; also seen as U-PE)
UPEUser Portability Extensions
UPEUniform Programming Environment
UPEUser-Facing Premise Equipment (Cisco)
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The Commission also decided in its last meeting that any university which already has had a UPE tag for five years will be graduate to the next level where it would be called as a University of Excellence.
Moreover, the kenaf--UPE composites from these two treatments still have lower mechanical properties and higher water uptake than those of glass-fiber-reinforced UPE composites.
Later, District Education Officer (Elementary) Akram Zia on this occasion said that education department Attock, has set targets for enrolment to UPE and USE for 2013-14.
Of 2826 urine samples for which UPE (but not urine IFE) was ordered, 135 (4.
2010), (2) obtain tensile and shear bonding properties of KBFB and the UPE matrix and their shear bonding strength properties, and (3) attempt to use available empirical and analytic models to predict the tensile properties of short KBFB--einforced UPE composites with fiber loadings up to 65 percent (wt/wt).
Among educators, comparing UPE and OLPC has sparked intense debate over the fundamental efficacy of their two distinct approaches to education.
The aim of this study is to investigate effect of quantity of reactive multifunctional diluent and terminal acrylate unsaturation in UV-curing UPE acrylate coatings.
Sometimes called biophotons, UPE was first discovered in the 1920s by Russian scientist Aleksandr Gurwitsch, but not until the late 1980s did researchers intensify their focus in this area, principally at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands and the International Institute of Biophysics in Germany.
Although UPE secondary to CHF has been reported, (1) it is not common.
The UPE distinguishes between various materials that flow through the same piping including raw ingredients, product, caustic cleaning solutions and water.
UPE is in discussions with North Slope producers to secure production waste stream feedstocks for a proposed commercial Ohsol facility in Prudhoe Bay.
Governance and reserved powers: The supplemental filing provides a revised description of the proposed governance structure and discloses proposed amended and restated Bylaws of Highmark, including powers to be reserved to UPE.