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UPENNUniversity of Pennsylvania
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UPenn is a member of the Ivy League and is a world-class institution for the creation and dissemination of knowledge, serving as a model for colleges and universities throughout the world.
CMT1A testing is only the first in a list of tests for which the UPenn laboratory has received patent notices containing a variety of terms.
With Ascend and Brainware, UPenn Health System can experience the benefits of a complete, end-to-end accounts payable automation solution," said Larry Robinett, Vice President, Sales at Ascend Software.
The UPenn saga dates back to 2001, when Get-UP members started their organization drive with a series of meetings and campus rallies.
At UPenn, which also owns or operates 365,000 square feet of retail space, this means holding regular meetings with merchants to keep them abreast of the university calendar, the cultural or outside activities which might draw additional customers to the area, and how they can take advantage of these events.
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