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UPFUniversitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain)
UPFUltraviolet Protection Factor
UPFUniversidade de Passo Fundo (Portuguese: University of Passo Fundo; Brazil)
UPFUnified Power Format (IEEE standard)
UPFUniversity Press of Florida
UPFUniversal Peace Federation (formerly Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace)
UPFUncharacterized Protein Family
UPFUnion Internationale de la Presse Francophone (French: International Francophone Press Union; France; est. 1950)
UPFUnity Productions Foundation
UPFUnited People's Front (Nepal)
UPFUpcountry People's Front (Sri Lanka)
UPFUniversal Preservation Format
UPFUnity Power Factor (electrical engineering)
UPFUnidade de Protecção da Força (Portuguese: Force Protection Unit)
UPFUnderperform (finance)
UPFUrban Parks Forum (est. 1999)
UPFUnited Plastic Fabricating, Inc. (North Andover, MA)
UPFUniversity Police Force (University of the Philippines)
UPFUnited Peace Federation
UPFUn-Plug Fest (Bluetooth)
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Tabela 1--Clorofila determinada por leitura SPAD para folha bandeira (CLFB) e folha bandeira-1 (CLFB-1), clorofila determinada quimicamente para folha bandeira (CQFB) e folha bandeira-1 (CQFB-1), teor de N para folha bandeira (NFB) e folha bandeira-1 (NFB-1) no estadio de antese, para os cultivares de aveia-branca da UPF.
Homer Pressings and UPF Congleton have been acquired for an undisclosed sum in a deal advised by Birmingham law firm Heatons.
Discovery production would have stopped threatening 1,400 Land Rover jobs, closing UPF and forcing other suppliers to axe staff.
Land Rover has offered to pay UPF an additional 20pc on future chassis business, which runs into 2005.
Atrenta is the only vendor to provide RTL power estimation, reduction and verification support for both CPF and UPF power formats at both the RTL and gate level," said Mike Gianfagna, vice president of marketing at Atrenta.
The New York-based UPF is active in promoting the culture of peace, as well as supporting and strengthening the work of activists and highlighting their role and influence in social and community building, in a world facing the challenges of extremism and terrorism.
He said the situation with UPF had not arisen out of Land Rover demanding that costs be kept down.
The FormalPro tool verifies the pre- and post-routed netlists against the RTL + UPF specification from which they were derived, to ensure that retention registers, isolation buffers, and level shifters are equivalent, as well as verifying logic equivalence.
The volume, to be published by UPF in March, focuses on representations of carnival and its comparsas (carnival bands and music).
In a joint statement by Land Rover and accountants KPMG who have been UPF's receivers since December 3, they said the 'exact details of whom will assume responsibility for the different sectors of UPF have yet to be finalised and are subject to due diligence'.
New Release of PowerCentric[TM] Delivers Reduced Power, Faster Runtimes, UPF 2.