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A debate was held over the post of the opposition leader when the new parliament convened for the second time on Thursday with both the TNA and the UPFA demanding for the post, but later Parliament Speaker appointed Sampanthan to the post.
However, in order to get their constitutional reforms approved by parliament, it seems the president and PM will still need a two-third majority, meaning they will have to compromise with opposition parties, including the UPFA, to win over their support.
37 percent of the votes while the UPFA was a distant second with just 14.
The president has already turned the victory over the Tamil Tigers into a new six-year term, and hoped a resurgent economy and political momentum would give his UPFA a two-thirds legislative majority.
The presidential elections were soon followed by a large victory for Rajapaksa's UPFA coalition in April 2010 parliamentary elections, where it captured 144 out of 225 seats possible, just shy of a two-thirds majority.
A group of UPFA members defected from the party recently and joined the ruling United National Party.
President Rajapaksa while scoffing at allegations that the 2015 budgetary proposals are aimed at an election, yesterday said the Government led by him was able to give dividends to the people accrued from development, and effective economic management of 10 years of UPFA rule.
In another incident, the UPFA head of the local council in the southern town of Akuressa has been remanded for alleged abuse of a girl, 14, at a guesthouse owned by him.
That gives the UPFA 119 seats so far out of 225 to be decided.
The UPFA had already secured 117 seats in the April 8 election, allowing the party to form a government with a simple majority.
The UPFA polled a little over 308,000 votes while UNP came in second with about 250,700 ballots.
President Rajapaksa led UPFA secured an overwhelming mandate at the Provincial Council Elections 2013, winning two out of three provincial councils North Western and Central in which elections were held.