UPFCUnified Power Flow Controller
UPFCUnited PanAm Financial Corporation (Irvine, CA)
UPFCUttar Pradesh Financial Corporation (India)
UPFCUganda Parliamentary Forum for Children (lobby group)
UPFCUtero-Placental-Fetal Circulation (pregnancy)
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Bornapour, "Optimal coordinated design of UPFC and PSS for improving power system performance by using multi-objective water cycle algorithm," International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, vol.
UPFC has implemented a reliable system to avoid mixing certified and uncertified materials.
Analysing existing LFSs for PS with UPFC, one can observe lack of investigation of features of such the solution from the view-point of the used coordinate system.
UPFC specialises in automobile finance via its wholly-owned subsidiary United Auto Credit Corporation.
Varios dispositivos FACTS de este tipo se encuentran en estado avanzado de pruebas (sistema UPFC en la subestacion Inez, Enlace Eagle Pass-Piedras Negras).
Data-mining-based intelligent differential relaying for transmission lines including UPFC and wind farms," IEEE transactions on neural networks and learning systems, 27: 8-17.
Mutyambula shared the UPFC experience with the SSPLGC.
The UPFC is the most powerful and versatile FACTS device due to the fact that the line impedance, terminal voltages, and the voltage angle can be controlled by one and the same device.
Sharma "Static and Transient Voltage Stability Assessment of Power System by Proper Placement of UPFC with POD Controller".