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UPGMAUnweighted Pair Group Method with Averages (microbiology)
UPGMAUnweighted Pair Group Mean Average
UPGMAUnweighted Pair Group Method of Analysis (microbiology)
UPGMAUnweighted Pair Group Method of Association (microbiology)
UPGMAUnweighted Pair Group Method, Arithmetic Mean
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Four distinct groups were defined after the UPGMA method and the 12 quantitative traits were applied to the 60 S.
According to RAPD analyses that revealed by 72 polymorphic band, UPGMA ordered the date palm cultivars into two main clusters irrespective of their origin at similarity level of 0.
Compared with the results of the UPGMA dendrogram, group I had an increase in Guangdong yellow and Yunnan red, but a decrease in TH10 and HoTH49; the remaining parental clones was exactly the same as that of group A of the UPGMA dendrogram.
cloacae complex published in the GenBank, inferred using the UPGMA method.
Anahtar Kelimeler: Fritillaria, kromozom sayisi, UPGMA, PCA, Turkiye.
In Figure 1, the UPGMA hierarchical clustering method formed the same groups as the Tocher method, demonstrating the consistency in analyses.
Pairwise overlap indices were high for all intraspecific comparisons of sex and age classes and low for all interspecific comparisons, which was reflected in a deep separation of the age and sex classes between the two species in UPGMA clustering (Fig.
En el dendograma UPGMA elaborado a partir de los valores de distancia genetica de Nei (1972) para las doce subpoblaciones de Magangue se puede apreciar claramente la conformacion de dos grupos, donde en uno se agrupan las subpoblaciones Villa Juliana, San Martin, Baracoa, Las Delicias, Versalles, Cordoba y Simon Bolivar y el otro conformado por las cinco subpoblaciones restantes (Figura 1).
The UPGMA dendrogram (Figure 1) showed five distinct groups, two presenting moderate levels of dissimilarity and three isolated genotypes.