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UPIUnited Press International
UPIUniversitas Pendidikan Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesia University of Education)
UPIUniversity Physicians Inc.
UPIUniversal Pictures International (film)
UPIUnpaid Item (eBay)
UPIUnione Delle Province d'Italia (Union of the Province of Italy; benevolent group)
UPIUser Programmable Interface
UPIUlead Color Picker
UPIUrl Programming Interface
UPIUniversal Peripheral Interface
UPIUtil Pocket Interface
UPIUlead Photo Impact
UPIUnpaid Item
UPIUnique Project Identifier
UPIUpper Prediction Interval
UPIUlkopoliittinen Instituutti (Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki, Finland)
UPIUser Program Interface
UPIUniversal Personal Identification
UPIUteroplacental Insufficiency (pregnancy risk factor)
UPIUnique Patient Identifiers (HIPAA)
UPIUtilities, Power, and Infrastructure
UPIUnión Profesional Informática
UPIUnidentified Party Injury
UPIUser Payload Identifier
UPIUnione Popolare Italiana (Italian: Italian Popular Union)
UPIUnocal Philippines, Inc (formerly Philippine Geothermal, Inc)
UPIUseless Piece of Information
UPIUpper Plenum Injection
UPIUnion des Professions Immobilières de Belgique (French: Union of Real Estate Professionals in Belgium)
UPIUniversal Pensions Incorporated
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In December last year Paytm had contributed 33 million to the overall transaction volume for UPI, which rose to 51 million in January 2018 and 68 million in February.
Union Pay is known for its relentless focus on its issuers and cardholders, and the UPI Wallet is a great example.
There has been a lot of speculation that beginning of UPI is the end for mobile wallets.
The best part is that UPI can work both online as well as offline; can work as both to send and receive money.
Software, the company that built the UPI platform for NPCI.
The partnership with Absa will see the local ATM and POS acceptance of UPI cards rise to over 75 per cent to provide a convenient, safe and cost-effective card-using experience for UPI cardholders living in South Africa as well as those visiting the country for travel, business and study purposes.
Representing UPI, Stead is one of 24 representatives from Scottish oil and gas companies, educational groups and government organizations to meet with East African representatives at the mission.
UPI representatives and NBP officials had meeting before the signing of MoU.
NBP President expressed his pleasure over signing of MoU with UPI.
If this interview is any indication of what he has in store for UPI, it's obvious that no challenge will seem too large to overcome.
UPI will continue to improve profitability driven by cost reductions and production efficiency following the completion of its UK restructuring program in 2012.
When you outsource cosmetic development projects to UPI you can reduce the costs of bringing new products to market.