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UPICUniversal Payment Identification Code (banking)
UPICUniversity Public Issues Committee (Evanston, IL)
UPICUniversal Promotional Identification Code
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The realization of UPIC (l'Unite Polygogique Informatique de CEMAMu [1977]) was also, in some regards, an answer to the mismatch of ideals in relation to reality mentioned in category 14.
Four other stations: BEZD, KYNS, LUBY, and UPIC (Table 1) started their operation in December 2005, with the aim to monitor the tectonic zones in the Bohemian Massif (Fig.
This task of instantaneous visualization of a musical work was a constant in Xenakis's research that ultimately evolved into his famous UPIC, (6) or computerized musical drawing board.
Implementing agency : Unite de pilotage informatique de la Confederation UPIC
The GEONAS network consists at present of the five EPN stations operated by the IRSM--BISK, MARJ, POUS, SNEC and VACO--and twelve more non-EPN permanent GPS observatories--BEZD, CHOT, KYNS, LITO, LUBY, PRAG, SECZ, SLUK, STAM, TEME, UPIC and VIDN (Fig.
For example, Ariadne's Thread is a UPIC composition from 1994.
Later, this was to become even more explicitly emphasized in Xenakis's UPIC environment for graphic composition of music aided by computer.
Contract awarded for Purchase of Plus UPIC (Ultra Portable Interactive Communication) for CoE
For me, with Xenakis the questions (as well as the dialogue) would originate from directly confronting his models through the use of the UPIC computer.
To this list must also be added articles referring to Xenakis's technological innovations, the UPIC and the GENDYN programs; see for example Peter Hoffmann, "Implementing the Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis," in Troisiemes journees, 341-7; Gerard Marino, Marie-Helene Serra, and Jean-Michel Raczinski, "The UPIC System: Origins and Innovations," Perspectives of New Music 31 no.
Mycenae-Alpha (1977) was the first music realized by means of the UPIC computer system--the "polyagogic" computer unit of the CEMAMu.