UPICCUNIDROIT (International Institute for the Unification of Private Law) Principles of International Commercial Contracts
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major legal systems, the UPICC have to be considered as a most useful,
developed in adjudicating the case, the UPICC may well operate as a very
In the case of interaction of the UPICC with the positive law of
More Scope for Courts and Arbitrators to Apply UPICC
Thus, although a Declaration is worth trying, 1 believe we are more likely to generate more engagement with UPICC within Australia from a second proposal by Professor Boneil.
If the parties have not expressly designated UPICC or any other substantive law system to govern their underlying dispute but have selected Arbitration Rules like those of the Australian Centre for International Arbitration Arbitration (ACICA)--either its generic or Expedited Arbitration Rules--then the arbitrators way also apply UPICC (not just a national law) as the governing law.
ML-ICA Arts 7 and 8, which have no express provisions on the law governing that agreement when it comes to staying court proceedings to allow international arbitrations to commence, have not been amended either so as to allow the governing law to be 'rules of law' such as UPICC.
21) Almost all national legal orders still appear to prevent Courts applying instruments such UPICC as the governing law, although typically there is no express ruling on this and sometimes there seem to be some exceptions particularly in states with codified choice of law rules.
After 20 years of experience with C1SG, a Model Law based on UPICC similarly may find considerable traction.
But so far UPICC has been less widely used than the UNCITRAL Rules for conducting arbitrations.
Even so, and despite the use of UPICC as a model for legislation having 'become perhaps their most important role' worldwide, (27) I would expect considerable resistance in Australia to updating Our own contract law based on such a Model Law.
Fortunately, a new generation of Australian jurists is already gaining a rich introduction to UPICC, and their application in arbitration proceedings, particularly for those students engaged in the Intercollegiate Negotiation and Arbitration Competition held every December in Tokyo.