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UPINUnique Provider Identification Number
UPINUnique Physician Identifier Number
UPINUnique Personal Identification Number
UPINUniversal Physician Identification Number (healthcare)
UPINUnique Patient Identification Number (health identifier)
UPINUniversal Provider Identifier Number (Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services)
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To evaluate the completeness of available data on cancer specialty, we compared the information on physician specialty contained in three data sources: (1) the Medicare claims obtained with the linked SEER-Medicare data, (2) the UPIN Registry, and (3) the AMA Masterfile.
Brandt noted that an encrypted or password-accessed system would be necessary, given that "people have been able to get access to [the UPIN director] who shouldn't have been able to get access to it.
To select the physician sample used in this study, pairs of terminal digits of the UPIN were chosen randomly and then used as selection rules in drawing physicians.
In their review of a sample of 500 UPINs, researchers also determined that 52% of the providers in the database had inaccurate information in at least one of their records and 44% of UPINs had never been used, or were no longer used, to bill Medicare.
They also reviewed all active UPIN database records to identify inconsistent, missing, and questionable information.
The inspector general's report found that nearly half of the services ordered with a surrogate UPIN either had no written order or certificate of medical necessity to support the service, or had incomplete information, such as no physician's name, signature, or description of the item.
Physicians can have their UPIN co-opted for a variety of reasons, yet the doctor doesn't get any kind of report" on how much medical equipment was ordered under the number, Dr.
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services agreed with the OIG's recommendation to validate and update UPIN Registry data.
CMS plans to use information from the UPIN database to launch its new National Provider System (NPS), which will be issuing new National Provider Identifiers.
The inspector general also found that for at least 61% of the services processed with a surrogate UPIN, ordering physicians already had permanent UPINs at the time the services were provided.
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The probe, from the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, found that from 2000 through 2007, Medicare paid for at least 478,500 claims that contained the UPINs of deceased doctors.