UPIUUnited Paperworkers International Union
UPIUUnited Press International - University Media Alliance
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At the 1988 UPIU convention President Wayne Glenn ran for reelection as a supporter of the strike against an opponent who argued that the union should cut its losses.
But if the UPIU leadership was not guilty of outright betrayal, it never took the risks necessary to bring the strike to a successful conclusion either.
The UPIU and USWA leadership made different choices because they faced different institutional environments.
4) They continually upped the ante, in contrast to the deferential approach taken by the UPIU leadership in the Local 14 dispute.
The priest has denied that the Indonesian government had killed survivors of an attack on unarmed demonstrators that took place in East Timor's capital city, Dili, in 1991, according to the UPIU.
support for the Indonesian military have found allies in the UPIU workers.
In April, a UPIU delegation visited union workers at Gemala-owned companies in Australia and New Zealand to spread the word about the strike.
Riverwood also announced it has received official notification by representatives of the other two unions, the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers (IAM) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), that their members have ratified the Company's proposed contract signed earlier today by the UPIU.
But for all of the wrongs done them by Staley, the militant Staley unionists reserve their greatest ire for the leadership of the UPIU and AFL-CIO.
The Staley workers were never able to accept what they view as the betrayal of the leadership of the UPIU and AFL-CIO, however.
He is one of those who pin responsibility for the defeat on the UPIU and the AFL-CIO.
Many Staley activists openly wonder whether, given the militant posture of the new AFL-CIO leadership, the UPIU leadership dismissed offers of concrete assistance from the AFL-CIO with a "thanks, but no thanks" response.