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UPJUniversity of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (Pennsylvania)
UPJUreteropelvic Junction
UPJUnternehmen: Partner der Jugend (Germany)
UPJUnited for Peace and Justice
UPJUnion des Entreprises pour La Protection des Jardins (French: Union of Companies for the Protection of Gardens; France)
UPJUniversal Pictures Japan (movie studio)
UPJUnion Polynésienne pour La Jeunesse (French: Polynesian Union for Youth; French Polynesia)
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posterior urethral valves, UPJ obstruction, obstructive ureteroceles, or ureteral atresia or obstruction).
The functional prognosis of the involved kidney with a UPJ obstruction and an antenatal urinoma is limited, as reported in the literature.
We investigate the quantitative and ultrastructural changes of ICC UPJ obstruction using light and electron microscopy.
Of this total number, 42 patients were examined by immunohistochemical methods: 35 patients with UPJ obstruction (median age 36 months) and 7 patients without obstruction (median age 348 months).
Similarly, UPJ injuries may be easily overlooked, with delayed contrast-enhanced CT imaging improving sensitivity for this and other injuries.
The patient underwent a computed tomography (CT) scan which revealed moderate hydronephrosis on the right side with concern for obstruction at the UPJ (Fig.
Based on the imaging studies and clinical presentation, a diagnosis of right UPJ obstruction was made and the patient was scheduled for a laparoscopic robotic-assisted right collecting system exploration with right ureteropyeloplasty on April 3, 2012.
The right lower pole renal artery and two renal veins crossed the UPJ at the site of obstruction (Figure 3D).
In this study, a neural network-based system has been developed specifically to help in the management of antenatally diagnosed UPJ obstruction.
UPJ & RUNNING Victoria's Tyler Price celebrates in their first game of the season against Carrick U17s
Interpipe has delivered casing pipes amounting to 12,700 tonnes of which 5,600 tonnes of pipes supplied have the UPJ (Ukrainian Premium Joint) connection.
UPJ FOR THE CUP Enthusiastic participants in the recent 'Sport Works Now' event