UPKOUnited Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organization (Malaysia, political party)
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UPKO abandoned one position after another in an attempt to retain a place within the ruling Alliance: Stephens was forced out as Chief Minister in late 1964 by a combination of the other two parties; Stephens and the most effective of the younger Kadazan politicians, Peter Mojuntin, were forced to resign as President and Secretary of UPKO in 1965; Mustapha moved from the Governorship into politics about the same time, becoming Chairman of the Sabah Alliance and refusing to relinquish the post as previously agreed to let UPKO have a turn.
In an emotional speech to the UPKO national council in December 1967 he moved that UPKO be dissolved and that all its members seek admission to Mustapha's USNO.
He had become Secretary of UPKO at its 1964 formation at the age of 25, and reluctantly accepted Stephens' call to join USNO in 1969, becoming one of the few Kadazans given a role as state minister in the Mustapha cabinets of 197075.