UPNDUnited Party for National Development (Zambia)
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The UPND renewed its calls for the commission to remove some officials from the election process to preserve its credibility.
Earlier, UPND president gave a speech to medical students at the Ridgeway Campus in Lusaka where he stated, Youth empowerment is an essential part of sound economic management as well as a vibrant economic policy is what leads to access to education for all, employment opportunities for our youths and the development of our institutions
UPND urged the ruling Patriotic Front government to take immediate steps that will address concerns of the stakeholders, if Zambia is to get any meaningful benefits from the exploitation of the country's mineral resources.
In August this year, he went one step further, appointing Richwell Siamunene from the current main opposition UPND, to the coveted position of Defence Minister, widening further the rift within his party.
A UPND member of parliament (MP) for Bweengwa, Hamududu, said the growing level of debt along with the IMF's revised GDP growth at 5.
President Sata on Thursday wondered what investment statistics the UPND leader was using to come up with such an erroneous and simplistic evaluation of the country's general economic performance.
Thursday's election in Zambia is a tight two-horse race between the ruling Patriotic Front and the opposition UPND.
Of the three main parties, the UPND was the most organised and free from internal strife.
UPND Moomba member of parliament Vitalis Mooya of Zambia said, the procedure of bagging land in urban areas requires reform and a robust strategy to address the increasing shortage of housing which is making a potential crisis.
Unlike the former ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), dogged by infighting, the UPND is a much more cohesive unit, structurally and logistically better organised to contest a snap election with a decent prospect of winning.
Zulu has made these revelations while replying to the query of UPND Mwinilunga East MP Steven Katuka on the completion deadline of the project intended for linking Mwinilunga to the national electricity grid.