UPOVInternational Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants
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Developing countries might rush to join UPOV before the 1978 Act is closed in April 1999.
35) In 1973, the then eleven members of the EC jointly entered into the EPC by combining the basic provisions of the Strasbourg Convention(36) and the UPOV Convention in an attempt to create a unified system for patent registration.
34) Article 15 of the UPOV recognizes exceptions to the breeder's rights.
Part II explores the origin of international intellectual property regimes in plant varieties and two international agreements that extend intellectual property protection to plant breeders: UPOV and TRIPS.
fact, the United States has been promoting UPOV as if it were the only
79) Like the Paris Convention, UPOV requires member countries to provide "national treatment" and an international "right of priority.
In addition to recommending that the PBR Act be brought into compliance with UPOV 1991, the Canadian Seed Alliance argues for (among other items): a permanent industry-led organization to advise and pursue seed policy changes; restructuring of the Seeds Act and Regulations to remove merit criteria and expedite approval of some varieties (including "low-risk" GE crops); use of identity-preservation systems rather than existing grain quality standards; the harmonization of Canada's seed approval processes with those of major trading partners; maintenance of the current scientific and risk approach in the approval process; a government-sponsored public relations campaign to convey the usefulness and safety of GE (i.
UPOV is the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants.
To qualify for PVP, plant varieties must comply with the standards of the UPOV [3] Convention, which requires them be new, distinct, uniform and stable.
This new Act conforms with the 1991 revision of the UPOV Convention.
30) Under the UPOV convention, breeder's rights are protected regardless of the origin--"artificial or natural"--of the initial variation from which the new plant variety was developed.
The UPOV confers plant breeder's rights, a form of protection similar to a patent.