UPPLUniform Policy Provision Law
UPPLUniversity Park Public Library (University Park, TX)
UPPLUpstream Petroleum Pty. Ltd. (Australia)
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Although substance abuse-related injury or the UPPL are not specifically addressed in the reform bill, insurance plans offered from the exchanges mandated in PPACA must provide emergency and hospitalization coverage.
In frank terms, in states where UPPL statutes exist today, the only respite for individuals who suffer injuries while under the influence is federally funded insurance programs.
The UPPL has serious repercussions for the clinical practice of health care professionals in those states in which the law is maintained.
Physicians are not the lone practitioners whose clinical practices can be influenced by UPPL repercussions.
The UPPL has many serious implications for health care practice and service delivery--implications to which the social work profession is not immune.
The judge added it was up to UPPL to 'police' its own tied tenants to ensure they do not buy drinks from unauthorised suppliers.
And, if UPPL wished to pursue its claim for a permanent injunction against BBM any further, it would have to take the case forward to a full trial in the Chancery Division of the High Court where procedures are complex and legal costs bills notoriously heavy.
In recognition of these advances, the NAIC in 2001 voted to repeal the original UPPL provisions.
Only a few States, including Maryland, Vermont, and North Carolina, have repealed their UPPL statutes (California Assembly Committee on Health 2004).
In addition, denial of claims may extend to benefits that are not directly covered by the UPPL, such as claims for life insurance, disability insurance, workers' compensation, and unemployment benefits.
Even in the States with UPPL statutes, a number of insurance companies do not deny payment for alcohol-related claims.
Are UPPL laws an actual barrier to screening in the ED or are they only perceived by ED physicians as a barrier?