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UPPPUvulopalatopharyngoplasty (medical)
UPPPUpper Peninsula Pain Project
UPPPUnclassified Personnel Policies and Procedures (University of Wisconsin)
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Today MOL Group, a leading international oil and gas company, proudly announced the winners of the UPPP competition.
In UPPP, the surgeon removes the soft tissue on the back of the throat and soft palate; sometimes tonsils and other excess tissue are removed at the same time.
Its advantages over UPPP are that it is an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia, it can be repeated, and it has decreased postoperative complications.
1)--who underwent hyoid suspension surgery along with UPPP from March 2002 through September 2007 at Ankara University Hospital.
Outpatient treatment of snoring with CO2 laser: Laser-assisted UPPP.
In another study, Kezirian et al reviewed a Department of Veterans Affairs database to ascertain complication rates and 30-day mortality following UPPP (N = 3,130).
radio frequency somnoplasty: this procedure is similar to LAUP and UPPP, but uses sound waves applied through a needle; this results in heating of the targeted tissue which eventually causes the tissue to shrink
A history of tonsillectomy was investigated as a predictor of outcome in UPPP by McGuirt et al.
Seven patients had a single-level velopharyngeal obstruction (Fujita type I or IIa), and they were assigned to undergo UPPP only (group 1).
I use the ENTceps instrument to perform a number of ENT procedures, such as tonsillectomy and UPPP, as well as parotid and thyroid surgery.
Its addition to UPPP does not appear to significantly increase the degree of pain and morbidity, when compared with UPPP alone.
The Pillar Procedure has achieved comparable results to those of more aggressive surgical procedures like UPPP and LAUP, with very low complications.