UPRONAUnion pour le Progres National (Unity for National Progress, Burundi)
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In 1961, Prince Rwagasore was assassinated following an UPRONA victory in legislative elections.
Other groups, including the UPRONA faction led by Charles Mukasi, and ProfVenant Bamboneheyo's AC-Genocide Association accuse most of the 150 exiled Hutu leaders who started returning home in late October, of involvement in the 1993 killing of over 50,000 Tutsis.
Political parties: Multi-party system consisting of 21 registered political parties, of which CNDD (the National Council for the Defense of Democracy, Hutu), FRODEBU (the Front for Democracy in Burundi, predominantly Hutu with some Tutsi membership), and UPRONA (the National Unity and Progress Party, predominantly Tutsi with some Hutu membership) are national, mainstream parties.