UPRRUnion Pacific Railroad
UPRRUnclaimed Property Recovery and Reporting
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After the intersection of Franklin Boulevard and the UPRR line, the pipeline runs along the west side of the tracks for the final mile, where it ends at the Elk Grove Station.
The Alameda Corridor, which just surpassed five years of operation, and has been a major success, involved the UPRR, the BNSF, and the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.
In 2011, UPRR opened its third office in Dallas, which focuses on royalties in the oil & gas industries.
It also provides detailed questions and answers for people who UPRR has contacted in an attempt to reunite them with unclaimed property, making it easier to accomplish the necessary steps to claim property and prevent escheatment.
Along with the ability to locate current owners of mineral interests, the Next of Kin[R] database, which was jointly developed by UPRR and InfoAge, sorts through the multigenerational issue faced by oil and gas company professionals when looking for beneficiaries or heirs of original owners by using advanced algorithms to sort through an owner's family tree.
For years, UPRR has employed proprietary technologies, including its Next-of-Kin[R] Database - the most efficient and powerful search tool in the industry - to locate lost owners and their heirs in varying contexts.
UPRR overcrossing: Expect Mill Road to be closed around the clock Oct.
Still, UPRR believes active owner location is the best risk mitigation tool.
UPRR Overcrossing: Watch for construction work on the north side of Highway 58.
However, in recent months, life insurance providers have come under increased scrutiny for following the law, rather than proactively identifying deceased policyholders," said UPRR president Bob Irvine.
During her over 22 years in the unclaimed property industry, Karen has earned an excellent reputation educating the business community on compliance and risk," said UPRR President Robert Irvine.