UPRRUnion Pacific Railroad
UPRRUnclaimed Property Recovery and Reporting
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It is now sized to reflect the expected claims from all customers who have notified us of problems, especially UPRR where the majority of claims arose.
After the intersection of Franklin Boulevard and the UPRR line, the pipeline runs along the west side of the tracks for the final mile, where it ends at the Elk Grove Station.
The Alameda Corridor, which just surpassed five years of operation, and has been a major success, involved the UPRR, the BNSF, and the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.
In 2011, UPRR opened its third office in Dallas, which focuses on royalties in the oil & gas industries.
Additional underground work by UPRR included development of an 80-foot vertical shaft located between the adits which also intersected the vein with a short 22-foot tunnel.
Additionally, a customer of the UPRR has claimed that a representative sample of ties manufactured by our Grand Island facility have failed a test contained in our product specification.
It also provides detailed questions and answers for people who UPRR has contacted in an attempt to reunite them with unclaimed property, making it easier to accomplish the necessary steps to claim property and prevent escheatment.
Hasselbusch went on to say, "We continue to be focused on the product claim made by the UPRR and completing the testing and evaluation process within the next 60 to 90 days continues to be a top priority.
Companies in the oil and gas industry continue to be at risk because they do not have all the powerful tools needed to efficiently and effectively locate lost and missing mineral interest holders," said UPRR president Bob Irvine.
The proposed project scope consists of filling in a gap within an existing multi-use trail system at the UPRR crossing by constructing a 10' wide concrete path adding at grade railroad crossing improvements.
It's tremendously uplifting for the men and women we represent to see their service validated by a marquee corporate brand such as UPRR.