UPRSUnion for Puerto Rican Students (Northeastern Illinois University; Chicago, IL)
UPRSUniversity Postgraduate Research Scholarships (Australia)
UPRSUlasim Planlama Rayli Sistem (Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System, Turkey, aka UPRSD)
UPRSUnclaimed Property Recovery Specialists (New York, NY)
UPRSUganda Performing Right Society
UPRSUnified Parkinsonism Rating Scale
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In "The Letters of Christina Rossetti: Two New Letters" UPRS 15, Spring), Maura Ives prints two letters found in the Texas A & M University Library and the Beinecke Library at Yale University and gleans a number of possible additions and emendations to Antony Harrison's edition of Rossetti's letters, from her preparation of a descriptive bibliography of Rossetti's works.
1-142" UPRS 13), an edition of Morris' incomplete translation of the opening pages of the Iliad, William Whitla examines the three extant manuscripts of this translation or parts thereof, and concludes that someone-probably Thomas Wise, to whom Morris apparently gave a complete autograph in 1894--excised a page from the original, then sold the resulting "fragments," which eventually came to rest in the Huntington Library and the Humanities Research Center in Texas.
William Whitla's endeavor in his eighty-one page study of "'Sympathetic Translation' and the 'Scribe's Capacity': Morris's Calligraphy and the Icelandic Sagas," UPRS, fall) was "to combine bibliographical descriptions of Morris's calligraphic manuscripts with theoretical explanations for his new calligraphic scripts and .