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UPSCALEUndergraduate Physics Students' Computing and Learning Environment (University of Toronto; Canada)
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One of the most compelling attributes of the Upscale Latino is their consistent level of optimism about safety, well-being, and wealth creation," said Monica Gil, SVP and general manager, Multicultural Growth & Strategy, Nielsen.
I think the upscale market is often insulated because buyers in that market have the wherewithal to make decisions regardless of the real estate trends," Jones said.
All of the area on that east side is proposed for higher density, upscale residential uses with some commercial accessory support," says Laing.
It's the executives and employees of these types of companies that find the dearth of upscale restaurants a bit unnerving," adds Biederman.
Columbus, 614-621-1213): An upscale club featuring jazz bands.
Detectives refused to release the names of the restaurants, but Michelena said the targets are usually small, independently owned and upscale.
We're proud to announce the addition of an upscale hotel and conference center to the burgeoning city of San Marcos.
A force behind new businesses with higher educational and professional attainment, Upscale Latinos are technologically savvy, often seen as trendsetters among their peers.
The appetite for upscale will continue to grow when you take into consideration our rapidly changing consumer landscape.
The 52-unit mid-rise condominium complex will feature one- and two-bedroom homes and a host of creative design elements and upscale features, including granite countertops, oversized windows and marble baths.
With an exciting mix of restaurants, fashion boutique shops and a unique beach club, we're creating an upscale entertainment and cultural destination that will be active 12 months a year," said Mr.