UPSRUnidirectional Path Switched Ring (SONET)
UPSRUjian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (Primary School Assessment Test)
UPSRUkrainian Party of Socialist Revolutionaries
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AnalogZONE praised "This monster chip bristles with subscriber-side interfaces for most common communication protocols (other than Token Ring and Teletype) and allows designers to support multiple Ethernet and PDH services over point-to-point networks, SONET, RPR and UPSR rings".
today introduced VersaNode(TM), an OC-12/3 Multi-Service versatile networking solution for Ethernet and PDH services over point-to-point networks, RPR and UPSR rings.
5) matrices together with integrated Ethernet Layer 2 aggregation plus support for multiple subtended UPSR and BLSR rings.
The system includes STS-1 grooming, flexible scalability and other advanced features such as UPSR that will address switching bottlenecks in metro and long haul carrier networks.
Initially, Telmar's eLUMINANT product offerings will include M13 multiplexers, digital loop carriers, broadband access products and the VISTA(R) Intelligent Access Multiplexer, which merges high-speed optical and electrical SONET interfaces and UPSR with a complete selection of common loop access services.
Uplink redundancy is supported through ATM layer protection switching, dedicated point-to-point and 1+1 UPSR protection switching.
Additionally, Marconi will demonstrate the UPSR functionality of the new MCN7000 by connecting the shelves of two MCN7000s through a DWDM optical network backbone.
The emphasis placed on improving the students command of the English language resulted in a 40% increase in the number of students who scored A in English in 2013 s UPSR as compared to 2012.
We are a closely-knit family here and a school located within the plantation is very convenient," she said, adding that her daughter would be sitting for the UPSR this year and would take up Tamil among her seven subjects.
The AT1230 offers: -- 4 OC-12/STM-4 Network Interfaces -- 4 OC-12/STM-4 or OC-3/STM-1 Drop Side Interfaces -- Integrated SERDES/CDR -- Support for 336 DS1, 252 E1, 12 DS3, 12 E3 -- Cross Connects: DS0, VT/TU/TU3, STS/VC -- Grooming and Clock Synthesis -- UPSR, 1+1, 1:N Protection Schemes -- 128 HO/LO VCAT/LCAS VCG's -- 512 Channel Data Link Controllers -- Single External ZBT Memory -- Power Dissipation <5W -- Industrial Temperature Range
When a fiber cut occurs on an LND unprotected lightpath, the Photuris V32000 appears entirely transparent to White Rock Networks' VLX2010 metro access nodes, which use standard SONET UPSR switching features to protect the traffic traversing that lightpath.