UPSSUniversal Parcel Shipping Software
UPSSUnited Postal Stationery Society (est. 1945)
UPSSUnderground Petroleum Storage System
UPSSUsual Principal and Subsidiary Status (Ministry of Labour; India)
UPSSUninterrupted Power Supply System
UPSSUnisys Payment Services and Solutions (Netherlands)
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Rabobank's contract extension and new security services come as UPSS and Unisys continue to expand payment operations and solutions for financial institutions around the world.
With the introduction of fraud detection and prevention solutions, and offerings related to SEPA - the Single European Payment Area - and other new services, UPSS more and more is seen as a partner that can bring added value to a bank's business.
In addition to document services, UPSS now also offers solutions for cross-border payments, debit transactions, fraud detection and prevention, and secure printing and archiving of payment transactions.
UPSS automates giro (paper-based, check-like payments) processing and money transfer forms.
By continuing to streamline UPSS processes and adding new services to help our clients achieve optimal efficiencies, we provide an added value to allow Rabobank and other financial institutions to more easily innovate and transform processes.
The Unisys Payments Information Engine (PIE) and database provides a common platform for all payment types, providing a strategic view of best operating practices to deploy across product lines to help UPSS and the banks maximize cost efficiencies.