UPTIuterine plasmin/trypsin inhibitor
UPTIUniversity of Pretoria Technology Incubator
UPTIUnité Pédago-Thérapeutique Itinérante
UPTIUnião Popular dos Trabalhadores da Informação
UPTIUnited Platform Technologies, Inc.
UPTIUnited Propeller Technologies, Inc.
UPTIUkrainian Physico-Technical Institute
UPTIUrban Public Transportation Improvement
UPTIunità pediatrica di terapia intensiva
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Akhiezer at the theoretical department of the UPTI, headed by then L.
Akhiezer (left) and in the future the famous American physicist Laszlo Tisza (1907-2009)--employees of the theoretical department of the UPTI led by talented theoretical physicist Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Prof.
Akhiezer at his office of the Head of Department of Theoretical Physics of the UPTI (in the short days of arrival from Moscow to <<furlough>> with family and the staff of the Institute), resumed his permanent work after the difficult years of war and military evacuation in Alma-Ata (1946, UPTI-PTI, Kharkiv) [7]