UPTIDEUnified PACFLT Project for Tactical Improvement & Data Extraction
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Combining these new capabilities with UPTIDE tactics, the ASW group in UPTIDE 3-A was able to make good 86 percent of the nine hundred miles it attempted without a successful attack by a submarine.
The final exercise of the UPTIDE series, UPTIDE 3-B, occurred in October and November 1972.
The forces participating in the HAYSTACK exercises and those conducting the UPTIDE series struggled to command and control widely dispersed forces under EMCON.
Many of the methods UPTIDE forces employed were similar to those used during the HAYSTACK exercises.
57) In UPTIDE 3-A, the delay times for messages with immediate operational relevance ranged from ten to 318 minutes.
Each iteration of the concept has been a response to a different specific threat--such as nuclear attack by land-based aviation in the HAYSTACK series, cruise-missile attack by submarines in the UPTIDE series--and has therefore approached the problem with little reference to past efforts.
During the HAYSTACK and UPTIDE exercises, the participating forces chose to limit their communications in order to minimize the adversary's ability to detect and identify them.
As the participants in HAYSTACK and UPTIDE discovered, however, alternative communication methods typically have less capacity than more traditional ones.
According to the UPTIDE 3-A exercise report, the reduction in communications capabilities and use of alternative methods "extracted a price from the BLUE forces in terms of inadequate information exchange between the BLUE OTC [officer in tactical command] and his dispersed forces.
The promulgation of plans as far in advance as possible enabled the commanders of the forces participating in the HAYSTACK and UPTIDE series to convey their intents before communications were diminished.
Steele told Aurand after receiving a briefing on UPTIDE, "I was able to make use of a great deal of it [the UPTIDE concept], and I am a believer; it works, and very well.
Turner Caldwell, Director of ASW Programs, to CNO, "Comments on COMASWFORPAC's UPTIDE Proposals," declassified, 11 July 1969, Antisubmarine Warfare Folder, Immediate Office Files of the CNO, OA, NHHC; Capt.