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UPUUnion Postale Universelle (Universal Postal Union)
UPUUrban Popular University (est. 2006; International Alliance of Inhabitants)
UPUUnit Pusat Universiti (Malaysian Ministry of Education; department)
UPUUser Part Unavailable (SS7)
UPUUniversal Power Unit
UPUUniversidad Popular Urbana (Spanish: Urban Popular University; Caracas, Venezuela)
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The UPU body dealing with operational issues has also given the green light to a new e-commerce guide outlining practical recommendations for posts as they develop their e-commerce capabilities and services for domestic, regional and cross-border markets.
To boost the network, the UPU works on its development and governance rules for postal markets to improve interconnection and inter-operatibility worldwide.
With 191 member countries, the UPU - a specialized agency of the United Nations - is the primary forum for international cooperation between postal organizations.
The agreement was signed on the sidelines of the 24th UPU Congress in Geneva recently by postal leaders of Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Qatar, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates.
Contract award: the purchase of medical supplies for upu
The event would enable UPU member countries including Pakistan and stakeholders to take stock of the progress made on achieving the Doha Postal Strategy, the postal sectors current four-year roadmap, an official of Pakistan Post told.
Celebrating the 140th anniversary of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), which marks World Post Day, Emirates Post Group hosted the event at their head office and awarded the top winners of the annual UPU letter-writing competition with certificates and cash prizes.
However, according to top UPU and regional postal officials the flow and quantum of local mail in markets like Qatar continues to be "remarkably good" and there is no reason to believe that there would be any fall in the immediate future.
The website is being monitored and controlled by the UPU.
In the third Law, HM the King endorsed the Seventh Additional Protocol to the Constitution of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), general regulations of the UPU, the Universal Postal Convention and the Postal Payment Services Agreement approved during the 23rd UPU Congress in Bucharest on 5 October 2004.
C[pounds sterling]Getting elected to the two most important bodies of the UPU is a great honour for the UAE.