UPVGUtility PhotoVoltaic Group
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The UPVG is a non-profit association of over 160 utilities, electric service providers, equipment manufacturers, and others working to bring solar electric power into the mainstream.
The UPVG Photovoltaic Experience Conference & Exhibition (UPEx 2000 Conference) is an international conference presented by the UPVG that focuses on solar power developments and trends from around the world.
The more successful ventures did their homework up front, not just on the PV hardware but also on installations, developing business relationships and outlining responsibilities, and incorporating a marketing campaign," says Steve Hester, UPVG Technical Director.
Roughly half of the members of UPVG are involved in the TEAM-UP program; for many of them, it was their first experience in providing PV power to customers.
5 Megawatt and Counting" study, please contact Steve Hester or Marc Fioravanti at UPVG, 202-857-0898.
For solar electricity to make a meaningful impact as a clean and renewable source of electric power, we must make it a part of a profitable, practical business for the companies that bring power to customers," says Jim Torpey, newly elected Chairman of the UPVG and Director of Technology Ventures at GPU Service of Morristown, New Jersey.
Torpey replaces former electric utility executive Andrew Vesey as UPVG chairman.
Members of the UPVG are leaders in a revolutionary shift in the marketing of electric power," says Torpey.
TEAM-UP is a $513 million program to be managed by the UPVG over a six-year period with 70 percent of the funding provided by the private sector.