UPWAUnited Packinghouse Workers of America
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tools for obtaining improved wages and working conditions, UPWA created
midst of the Cold War, UPWA and certain private sector unions were
analyses and relationships was primarily aimed at UPWA, and its former
In 1950, the Teachers Union, a UPWA local, was barred
conviction of UPWA leader Flaxer for his refusal to produce a list
containing the names and addresses of all UPWA members throughout the
discussing UPWA leader Arthur Stein); LANI GUINIER, LIFT EVERY VOICE:
2003) (discussing UPWA leader Ewart Guinier); CARL BERNSTEIN,
Thus, in the postwar period, as the steel and auto unions became bureaucratic and anti-communist, the UPWA took a different path by transforming its organizing committee into an international union committed to militant action and activism on the shopfloor.
Wilson Warren paints a picture of UPWA unionism throughout the Midwest that contrasts with Fehn's.
Instead, Deslippe explains, the packinghouses' industrial structure and the organizational history of the UPWA aided male union leaders in the neglect of women's rights.