UPZUnion of Progressive Zionists
UPZUnited People of Zion (band; Israel)
UPZUrban Progress Zone
UPZUpper Proliferative Zone
UPZUdruzenje Poslovnih Zena (Serbian: Business Women Association)
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The data tended to support earlier results of separate large scale trials on cryogenic grinding of low density polyether PU foam using the cooling tunnel, cooled circulation air, and a 500 UPZ mill.
Under these conditions, extremely promising results were obtained as indicated in Table 3, which shows the equivalent output on a 500 UPZ mill and a fuller particle size distribution.
SCANDAL J Steve Jennings, above, and Jimmy Gauld ED'S UPZ Annand says betting is rife in football WEDGE OF DARKNESS 3 Annand admits gambling's widespread in game but insists players betting against themselves is the lowest of the low