UQCUltimate Quad Capture (gaming)
UQCUniversal Quantum Computer
UQCUnit Quantity Code (tariff; India)
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Its integration within AmberFin iCR provides the widest choice for users to integrate UQC seamlessly within their existing workflows more easily.
For AmberFin, this project tops off a remarkably successful first year in the commercial development of UQC.
We launched UQC at IBC last year and it has been a very busy and exciting first year in its evolution.
Hitachi's selection by UQC unquestionably emphasizes just how well-positioned they are in Japan.
The new UQCS Series MLC chip exhibits significantly lower ESR values and higher series resonance values, making it ideal for applications with high current carrying capabilities and high quality factors," said Larry Eisenberger, AVX product manager.
Applications such as microwave RF/IF amplifiers, mixers, oscillators, low noise amplifiers, and filter networks, as well as medical devices such as MRI coils, would all benefit from the UQCS Series' characteristics, according to Eisenberger.
Available in 0603 sizes with voltages up to 250 VDC, the UQCS Series offers superior stability under the stresses of changing voltage, frequency, time and temperature.