UR2Unreal Tournament 2 (gaming)
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The orthodontic bracket were bonded on the fully erupted permanent maxillary teeth; UR5, UR4, UR2, UL1, UL2, UL4 and UL5 (Fig.
9) Consideraremos que la correlacion entre las variables O1 y UR2 es significativa al 90%, tal y como obteniamos al considerar la totalidad de la muestra, puesto que la diferencia en la probabilidad correspondiente es de tan solo una milesima.
ob) on Thursday announced the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Urban R2 Development Company LLC (UR2), a real estate development project company, under which Q Lotus will loan UR2 USD35.
Under the LOI, any time after the May 2011 closing date, Q Lotus can convert the outstanding principle loan amount plus unpaid interest into a 50% equity stake in UR2.
3 relation to ma Number of 5 -- -- 9 6 ungrammaticalities: errors in agreement; missing relative pronouns Category: SaIA1 SaIA2 UR1 UR2 Av.
Figure 7a and b show the ratchetting strain versus number of cycles in the three-step uniaxial loading condition (Test UR2 and UR3) which can be found in Table 2.
The crimping tool is compatible with all Scotchlok connectors, including UY, UR, UY2, UR2, UP2, UAL, UP3, UB, 211 and UB2A units, across the entire range of applicable wire sizes.
We expect that BFAIL will be positively associated with UR2 and INT and negatively correlated with GDP and PROF.
En el caso de los procesos de verificacion sobre las intenciones, estados de animo, creencias, predisposiciones, disposiciones y comportamientos en-cubiertos de otros, claramente el ambito de operacion principal es UR2 (universo de representacion 2 o segundo universo), y la operacion de las arquitecturas cognicionales MdM(Teoria de la mente) y MiiT (modelamiento de interacciones e interrelaciones de tropa) es esencial, por no decir prioritaria.
BFAIL = f(UR2, GDP, INT, PROF, BFAIL1) where BFAIL = the business failure rate per 10,000 listed enterprises; UR2 = the unemployment rate which includes only experienced wage and salary workers GDP = the gross domestic product INT = the Federal funds interest rate PROF = the ratio of profits after Federal income taxes to stockholders' equity for all manufacturing corporations BFAIL1 = (BFAILt-1) the lagged dependent variable which expresses the long-run impact of the right-hand-side variables.
He continues, "the new UR4D+ and UR4S+ receivers as well as the new UR5 portable receiver provide great new features with backward compatibility for the UR1 and UR2 transmitters.