URAPUndergraduate Research Apprentice Program
URAPUniversities Rebuilding America Partnership (US HUD)
URAPUniversity Ranking by Academic Performance (est. 2009; Middle East Technical University; Turkey)
URAPUnified Radio and Plasma Wave Experiment
URAPUnidirectional Retrograde Accessory Pathway
URAPUndergraduate Research Awards Program (various universities)
URAPUniversal Replacement Auto-Pilot
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62 TABLA IV POSICIONES DE LAS CUATRO UNIVERSIDADES VENEZOLANAS ESTUDIADAS EN LOS DIFERENTES RANKINGS (2013) Institucion Ranking Region UCV USB ULA LUZ CSIC Mundial 1478 1356 1107 2782 Latinoamerica 73 64 48 187 QS Mundial 551-600 551-600 601-800 -- Latinoamerica 33 34 65 -- SIR Iberoamerica 80 110 115 123 Latinoamerica 39 57 62 68 URAP Mundial 1093 1333 1312 1588 Suramerica 37 47 46 62 Fuente: datos extraidos de los sitios web de cada ranking.
The URAP surveyors looked at a diversity of socioeconomic issues with 43,268 people of the affected village people in the Ilisu area.
The URAP assay gives reproducible results: within-run imprecision for a single sample was 6.
The main challenges facing the new URAP office are the reform of agricultural sectors, as they record some malfunctions, the resolution of the problem of state lands and mobilisation of water resources in the region, he indicated.
The URAP ranking is based on the universities' academic performance indicators that reflect the quality and the quantity of their scholarly publications.
Les representants regionaux d'organisations nationales (URT, URICA, URAP, LTDH, Ordre des avocats) et de certains partis ont boycotte la reunion pour "absence de volonte de trouver des solutions aux problemes de la region", precisent-ils.
Naqdh died after Thursday's clashes between participants in a march staged by the League for Protection of the Revolution and a group of citizens who were inside the URAP.
Les organisations nationales dans la region (URT, URAP, URICA, LTDH) ont publie une declaration commune dans laquelle elles deplorent la degradation de la situation, dans la region, en l'absence d'investissement et de perspectives d'emploi.