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URASUnilateral Renal Artery Stenosis (medical disorder)
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Compared to URAs in the United States, it is rather unique for KURA to include public engagement activities in its annual planning.
Prior to KURA's formation, URA-like functions were being performed in part by specialized administrators hired by the University but not called URAs.
This seminar plays an important role in facilitating mutual understanding between URAs and their administrative colleagues, related to expected roles, understanding differences, and finding commonalities.
Constructability Review of the plans and bid documents and advise the URA of
Uras said: "I am very happy to have signed for Falkirk.
FRENCH FANCY: Cedric Uras is out to make a name for himself in the SPL after signing for Falkirk after Balde's tip-off
A free agent who can be signed outwith the transfer window, defender Uras has been training with Falkirk for the last two weeks.
Balde set up the trial after fixing Uras up with a similar stint at Celtic.
According to SKES, SSA and EEW, the Estonian words urg : uru 'burrow, lair', urgas : urka 'den, lair, hole', urge : urke 'sinus', urk : urga 'hole in the ice', urk : urgi 'the line drawn on the field to divide harvest land', urg : ura 'stream', org : oru 'valley' and Finnish urkama 'cavity, pit, river bed', and orko 'hollow, dingle' are etymologically connected (SKES: orko, ura, urakka; SSA 2: orko; SSA 3: urkama; EEW: org, urg).
Lahti-Mononen 1968 : 481-482) have considered it to be possible that long-vocalic uura and uuro 'hollow, furrow' could also be versions of short-vocalic words ura and uro because the forms of the words where these landscape appellatives appear vary as well, e.
The URA elevates data protection to a whole new level, enabling disk-based backup that eliminates backup windows, dramatically improves data recoverability and provides protection against both physical and logical errors.
Longtime CNT customer Lockheed Martin chose the URA because it provided a cost-effective way to reduce backup times.