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URBISUptake of Re-Engineering in Business
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A double-screen projection, also titled Mirabilia Urbis, 2012, reveals rotating images of Roman panoramas inscribed in two circles, like the spheres in a map of the Earth.
URBIS The striking new home of the National Football Museum
And who would have believed that Emory Douglas (pictured right), the minister of culture for the Black Panthers, one of the most radical black liberation groups in the US, would be feted with an exhibition at the Urbis in Manchester, UK, celebrating some of the most iconic images of the era?
Until 7 September, New exhibition at Urbis, Manchester
Michael Baker, an Australian retail analyst with Urbis, said there was a gap for another retailer in the country.
The cathedral is small and intimate and the pedestrian area around its gardens is attractive and features the glass wave of the Urbis building, an exhibition centre.
The musical duo were at the Urbis Museum for the opening of the Hacienda 25 nightclub exhibition commemorating the halcyon days of the famous spot.
This carefully researched, thoughtfully organized work suggests that the renovatio urbis of Venice, a term usually associated with the splendor promulgated by the sixteenth-century Doge Andrea Gritti and expressed first by Jacopo Sansovino and then Andrea Palladio, began in spirit and in stone in the preceding century.
Kevin, a student at the University of the West of England had his design for Urbis Development chosen from several proposed by second-year graphic design students.
Reports this week said he was planning to wed at Manchester's Urbis museum followed by a party at his beloved Manchester City's football ground.
An exhibition of Alsop's SuperCity ideas runs at Manchester's dramatic new triangular building, the Urbis Centre, Cathedral Gardens, till May 16 (Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 6pm).
The second effort, dubbed Digital Forma Urbis Romae, is a three-dimensional digital representation of ancient Rome, the result of scanning a marble map uncovered by Stanford archaeologists in the 1990s.